Month: March 2013

My latest cover, Dream Homes Magazine San Diego

I don’t shoot for many realtors anymore, simply because most don’t appreciate the value that I bring and simply want cheap coverage for their homes.  I’m not sure I can understand that, especially on the high end.  The visual is the first impression you have with a potential buyer and it seems that for a little more money, to make that impression a great one, high end professional photography would be essential.  Laura Barry gets it.    She realizes that for her listings, especially the ones that end up on covers, nothing less than professional work will do.  I’ve been working with her for several years now and her brand epitomizes high end luxury.   Here is the latest collaboration and cover of her listing in Del Mar, CA.

Del Mar Beach House

Best Camera Bags in the Business

Over my 20+ year photography career, I’ve used many different bags and cases to carry all sorts of gear.   Recently, I had been in the market for a new camera bag, so while attending the Photo Plus Expo in NYC last year,  I decided it was time to bite the bullet.  I walked the floor at the expo from front to back and looked at every single camera bag maker on the that was represented.  And if you’ve been there, you know that is no small task in itself.  All had their ups and downs, but one system/company stood out above all others.  Their products are designed by photographers for photographers and come with some really ingenius options.  The price point is extremely competitive and the customer service is unmatched.   Without going into the details on specific bags and features, (I’ll let you explore on your own) let me just say, if you’re in the market, you simply cannot go wrong with Think Tank!

Time lapse of full moon rising over San Diego Skyline

I’ve been trying to tackle time lapse recently and it’s proven to be more difficult than you might think.  The day to night/night to day scene is especially difficult with having to compensate for changing light conditions.  Add to it a moving subject such as the full moon rising and it becomes even more challenging.   Nothing like attempting one of the most difficult time lapse scenarios you can find, but not bad for first attempt.

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