Month: April 2016

Three nights in Tallinn, Estonia

Once the Sweden portion of the Ice Hotel trip was completed, I decided that if I’m that close, I can’t skip Estonia or Finland.  I flew from Lulea to Tallinn on surprisingly shortly, easy flights and caught the city bus into Old Town.  As anyone who knows my work can see, I really enjoy the dusk time of day, so most of my images from Tallinn were shot either at dusk or dawn.   Because there were so many narrow winding cobblestone streets and I only had three days, I had to take advantage of dawn as well to walk the streets.  The entire city has a completely different feel in the morning, but equally beautiful and amazing.  Tallinn, Estonia is like taking a trip back in time and something out of a fairy tail.  It’s definitely one of the best places I’ve ever been and would certainly go back anytime!

The Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

I love when opportunities sort of drop in your lap.  I was having a beer with a few photo friends when the subject of personal projects came up.  My colleagues are working on theirs called “Buck the Cubicle“, but more on that later.   I mentioned an old friend from my Colorado days that makes musical instruments from ice in Lulea, Sweden. Within a few minutes, we were all on board to make the trip.  I decided that if I’m going that far away, I had to check the Ice Hotel off my list and finally go see it.  While the task of getting there was not easy, sitting 200km north of the Arctic Circle, it was entirely worth it upon arrival.  The fact that it’s truly an architectural marvel is one thing, but the shear logistics in actually pulling off this trip and gaining access to this amazing hotel was another thing altogether.  Having the opportunity to photograph the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden was an absolute dream come true and a trip that I would highly recommend to anyone with the spirit of adventure.