Month: May 2016

Ice Music in Lulea, Sweden

Many years ago, when I lived in Beaver Creek, Colorado, I met a man named Tim Linhart.  He had a special skill to be able to mold intricate sculptures out of ice and snow.  Tim is a bit eccentric to say the least, but a phenomenal artist and a man with vision. During that time in Beaver Creek he was hired by the Grand Hyatt, over the course of several seasons, to build some amazingly detailed ice sculptures.  At some point he thought to himself, “I wonder if I can make a musical instrument out of ice and actually play it”.  The first time he built a guitar and tried to strum it, it exploded. He continued to perfect the craft and eventually did a concert on top of the mountain.  Fast forward 20 years to Lulea, Sweden.   Through the course of working on the Ice Hotel and various other projects, he continued to refine his art.  This is a man with passion!

Some photographer friends were working working on a personal project called “Buck the Cubicle” and I mentioned Tim.  They both immediately said, “I have miles, let’s go to Sweden” and we were off!  We spent a few days with Tim, his wife Birgitta and son Frost (very appropriate) in Lulea and witnessed something truly incredible.  Not only did he create the instruments that sounded amazing in the hands of skilled musicians, but he also built a dual-domed igloo for them to play in.  I have linked the video that P2 Photography did and here are my shots of this crazy experience, called Ice Music.  I enjoyed being a part of something that has now melted and gone back to the earth.  Next year, he’ll do it all over again from scratch.