Pinnacle Mountain Homes is an exceptional builder!

I am fortunate to work with some really great and loyal clients.   We have been working Pinnacle Mountain Homes in Breckenridge, Colorado for about six years now.  They are the most prolific home builder I’ve ever seen.  At any given time they probably have about 10 custom homes under construction and they are all amazing.   They won the residential home builder of the year in 2012 and continue to garner awards at every turn.  When you have a chance to photography architecture like this, it makes the job of creating beautiful pictures that much easier.   It doesn’t hurt that we also get to go to Breckenridge, CO several times a year!

Aerial Photography, the old fashioned way!

On my last trip to Houston, Texas for one of my regular clients, Newland Communties,  I was tasked to shoot aerial photography from a helicopter.   In todays world, that is mostly done with the Phantom Quadcopters.  It seems that everyone has one and since the judge recently ruled that the FAA law was invalid, the sky has opened to anyone with a couple grand.   I have heard of more than a few accidents due to these flying out of control, or people just not knowing what they are doing.   It is my own humble opinion that this entire industry desperately needs to be regulated before someone is seriously hurt or killed by improper use of these “toys”.   (btw, I am about to order mine)

The old school way of shooting, from an actual helicopter, was an absolute blast.  Hanging out of the door, several thousand feet up was exhilarating.    And because we were right next to Sugar Land Airport, and the client wanted something more than simple overviews or flybys, this was really the only way to do it.

I think we need to do this for all of their communities!

The client had a blast too!
The client had a blast too!
Aerial Photography in Texas
Aerial Photography in Texas


Newland Communities - Telfair - Sugarland, TexasNewland Communities - Telfair - Sugarland, TexasNewland Communities - Telfair - Sugarland, TexasNewland Communities - Telfair - Sugarland, Texas


By the way, we got some other pretty good shots of the community as well!

Newland Communities - Telfair - Sugarland, TexasNewland Communities - Telfair - Sugarland, TexasNewland Communities - Telfair - Sugarland, Texas

Newland Communities - Telfair - Sugarland, Texas

Ron Neal Lighting Design at Puesto, San Diego

Ron Neal Lighting Design has a way of making you feel right at home.  Whether it’s a commercial property, restaurant, hotel or custom home, his lighting techniques do wonders for any space.  It makes my job very easy!  We shot Puesto at the Headquarters in San Diego at dawn, because, well, that’s the only time it looks like this.   Dusk is the perfect time for this type of work and it’s packed every evening.  I’m not a big fan of the 4:30am wakeup call, but it is nice to have a complete shoot under your belt before breakfast!

Hollis Fulton Design Build is doing it right!

Bob Fleet of Hollis Fulton teamed up with Si Teller Architect to create an absolute beauty in Solana Beach!  I was fortunate enough to have a friend of a friend that connected us.  They had a vision for the photography for this property that was a little different that I normally shoot, but it’s always fun to get our of your comfort zone.   With minimalist artificial lighting and spending most of our time over a couple of days taking advantage of the exact right time, we finished with several great shots of this exceptional custom home.   This is the result of what scouting, timing and a great team can accomplish!

Lake Arrowhead Resort is spectacular in the summer.

We just finished up several days of new photography for Lake Arrowhead Resort and had an absolute blast!  First of all, our clients from the Good Creative Group were a joy to work with because they really know their business and client needs well.    They give us just enough direction while letting us do what we do best.  And it never hurts to have a great time doing it.  This recently renovated property provided some great locations and backdrops and we got to shoot a wide variety of images.  Enjoy!

Inspiration in advertising! 50 Brilliant Billboards!

These are the ones that stop you in your tracks.  These are the exceptionally creative minds that think and see life a little differently!  Inspiration comes in many different forms and is around every corner.  Sometimes, you just have to open your eyes to see it!