Fall Photography

Fall in the Rockies

Fall in the Rocky Mountains is an exceptionally beautiful time of year!   We decided on East Lake Creek in Edwards, Colorado and it did NOT disappoint!  The trail winds up and down through a valley arriving at the creek.  All told about it was about an hour in and out.  The sun was setting behind us, lighting up the other side of the valley.  It was basically natures big orange reflector.  Our side in shade was lit up with the most beautiful soft orange light and with the leaves at their peak, it was nothing short of stunning!


Pinnacle Mountain Homes is an exceptional builder!

I am fortunate to work with some really great and loyal clients.   We have been working Pinnacle Mountain Homes in Breckenridge, Colorado for about six years now.  They are the most prolific home builder I’ve ever seen.  At any given time they probably have about 10 custom homes under construction and they are all amazing.   They won the residential home builder of the year in 2012 and continue to garner awards at every turn.  When you have a chance to photography architecture like this, it makes the job of creating beautiful pictures that much easier.   It doesn’t hurt that we also get to go to Breckenridge, CO several times a year!