Pablo’s vacation home in Guatape, Colombia

Late in 2016, I had the opportunity to go to Colombia for my birthday. While Medellin was amazing, a little town about an hour and a half east of there called Guatape stole the show. It was an amazing little resort town situated on a huge man-made lake. The weekend we were there, it seemed that it was mostly Colombian tourists, which was very cool and different for me.


We started our adventure that day by heading out paragliding above Cocorna, then went to El Penol to hike the huge monolith there. However, for me anyway, the highlight by far, was the trip to one of Pablo Escobar’s vacation homes. It’s completely burned, overgrown and bombed out and they even play paintball there now, but it was a completely surreal experience.


There was an energy there that was undeniable. It was like you could feel his presence and only imagine what it was actually like in its heyday. Pablo was certainly a murderous drug dealer, but he is an indelible part of Colombian history. From the pool and bbq area, to the horse stable and soccer field, to the main home and garage , you could almost see and hear all the things that happened. For me, it was like going to the Colosseum in Rome, only this history was less than 30 years ago, not 2000.


Here are the images I shot that day.  Enjoy!




Brilliant words for anyone with a dream!

“Twelve differences between those who dream and those who act:
1-Wanna-be’s obsess about ideas.
Entrepreneurs obsess about implementation.
2-Wanna-be’s want more web traffic.
Entrepreneurs focus on sales conversion.
3-Wanna-be’s focus on positive thinking.
Entrepreneurs plan for multiple contingencies.
4-Wanna-be’s want to get on TV and get “famous.”
Entrepreneurs build their list.
5-Wanna-be’s seek a perfect plan.
Entrepreneurs execute and adjust the plan later.
6-Wanna-be’s wait for their lucky break.
Entrepreneurs engineer four, five, six plans and execute them in tandem, wagering that at least one plan will get traction.
7-Wanna-be’s fear looking stupid in front of their friends.
Entrepreneurs willingly risk making fools of themselves, knowing that long-term success is a good trade for short-term loss of Dignity.
8-Wanna-be’s shield their precious ideas from harsh reality, postponing the verdict of success or failure until ‘someday’.
Entrepreneurs expose their ideas to cold reality as soon as reasonably possible.
9-Wanna-be’s put off practicing basketball until they’ve got Air Jordans.
Entrepreneurs practice barefoot behind the garage.
10-Wanna-be’s believe what they’re told, believe their own assumptions.
Entrepreneurs do original research and determine what paths have been already trod.
11-Wanna-be’s believe they can do anything.
Entrepreneurs do what they’re gifted for and delegate the rest.
12-Wanna-be’s think about the world in terms of COULD and SHOULD.
Entrepreneurs think in terms of IS and CAN BE.”

And if I can add my own.

Wanna-be’s feel entitled and expect the world to come to them.

Entrepreneurs go after what the want, many times fail miserably, but always get back up and attack again.    Remember, it’s not failure until you stop trying.
Thank you Jim Cavanaugh and Shannon Fagan.