The Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

I love when opportunities sort of drop in your lap.  I was having a beer with a few photo friends when the subject of personal projects came up.  My colleagues are working on theirs called “Buck the Cubicle“, but more on that later.   I mentioned an old friend from my Colorado days that makes musical instruments from ice in Lulea, Sweden. Within a few minutes, we were all on board to make the trip.  I decided that if I’m going that far away, I had to check the Ice Hotel off my list and finally go see it.  While the task of getting there was not easy, sitting 200km north of the Arctic Circle, it was entirely worth it upon arrival.  The fact that it’s truly an architectural marvel is one thing, but the shear logistics in actually pulling off this trip and gaining access to this amazing hotel was another thing altogether.  Having the opportunity to photograph the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden was an absolute dream come true and a trip that I would highly recommend to anyone with the spirit of adventure.


Fall in the Rockies

Fall in the Rocky Mountains is an exceptionally beautiful time of year!   We decided on East Lake Creek in Edwards, Colorado and it did NOT disappoint!  The trail winds up and down through a valley arriving at the creek.  All told about it was about an hour in and out.  The sun was setting behind us, lighting up the other side of the valley.  It was basically natures big orange reflector.  Our side in shade was lit up with the most beautiful soft orange light and with the leaves at their peak, it was nothing short of stunning!


Time Lapse Sunset at Dog Beach, Del Mar, CA

When you’re in business for yourself and not in an office, you sometimes end up on an island. When your life revolves around photo shoots and photoshop, you often spend too much time getting the work done, sitting at the cpu and not enough time enjoying your life.

When your dog loves the beach and a time lapse camera pretty much runs itself, except for the exposure changes as darkness comes on, sometimes you just have to go out, relax and get away from the computer.

Shot at f4.0, 1/15th of second with three stop neutral density for the first clip. I removed the ND filter for the second clip and then added three stops of ambient for the third clip.