Time Lapse

Time Lapse of Fourth of July Fireworks over Del Mar, CA

Time lapse photography can be a lot of fun when you get to see some really cool things.  It’s also a time to actually sit for a bit and just take it in.  This year we decided to photograph fireworks at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.   You end up parking down the street, walking in and sitting down for a few hours watching with all the tourists.  Good times.  A six pack doesn’t hurt either.



Time Lapse Sunset at Dog Beach, Del Mar, CA

When you’re in business for yourself and not in an office, you sometimes end up on an island. When your life revolves around photo shoots and photoshop, you often spend too much time getting the work done, sitting at the cpu and not enough time enjoying your life.

When your dog loves the beach and a time lapse camera pretty much runs itself, except for the exposure changes as darkness comes on, sometimes you just have to go out, relax and get away from the computer.

Shot at f4.0, 1/15th of second with three stop neutral density for the first clip. I removed the ND filter for the second clip and then added three stops of ambient for the third clip.


Home construction in two minutes?

Well, it actually took them about 10 days, ground breaking to handing the keys off, but still very impressive.   Granted the home isn’t that big, but these guys worked their butts off in 90 degree heat from sunrise to sunset.

The island is Caye Caulker, about a 45 minute boat ride, or 8 minute flight from Belize City.  We shot time lapses on several different nights to show the process.

Tobar Construction‘s crew is efficient, personable and extremely skilled to pull this off.

Nice work!

Time lapse of full moon rising over San Diego Skyline

I’ve been trying to tackle time lapse recently and it’s proven to be more difficult than you might think.  The day to night/night to day scene is especially difficult with having to compensate for changing light conditions.  Add to it a moving subject such as the full moon rising and it becomes even more challenging.   Nothing like attempting one of the most difficult time lapse scenarios you can find, but not bad for first attempt.

What do you think?